Wine and Mac

How to install watchtower library on MacOS *

Sorry, On macOS Catalina(macOS10.15.1), it can not use. So, please use macOS 10.14.x, or parallels desktop. (16 Nov 2019)
Or, Use VirtualBox(recommend)

Obtain Watchtower Library *

Go to www. and download the ISO file.

Download from HERE

Download the ISO file
Download the ISO file

Install "Wine" on your MacOS *

Now install the application "Wine".

First, open "application", then go to [utilities] then execute "Terminal".

Alternatively, you can start "Terminal" by clicking the search icon on Mac menu bar, type "" in the search box and hit the ENTER key.


Enter the command in Terminal *

Copy and paste the command below in Terminal and hit ENTER.

2 conmands to be entered.

First, the tool called "Homebrew". This command is quite long, so you need to scroll to the right end.

Paste the command then press [Enter] key, it says "Press RETURN to continue or any other key to abort", hit [Enter]key once again. "Homebrew" will be installed.


The second command is "Wine".
This is like a windows emulator on macOS.(Please refer here about "Wine"

The command below is for installing "Wine" using "Homebrew".
Copy and paste the command in "Terminal", hit [Enter] key.

brew install wine

Start the installer using "wine" *

Double click the "Watchtower Library" ISO file which you have already downloaded. Using "Wine", It opens the Watchtower Library installer.

Now, open "Terminal" again, type "wine" and [space] key.
Then Drag & Drop "WTLSetup.exe" onto Teriminal which will designate the pass.

You will see "wine /Volumes/WTLIB17J/WTLSetup.exe".

Press [Enter] key.
Wine will start up and Watchtower Library installer will show up on your screen.

Watch this procedure in the video below.

Install the Watchtower Library *

keep on pressing the [next] until the installation comes to completion.

Make a shortcut for starting up the Wtlib. *

Open Terminal again.
Execute the command below to make a shortcut.

cd ~/Desktop
touch wtlib.command
echo #!/bin/sh > wtlib.command
echo wine \"$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Watchtower/Watchtower\ Library/E/WTLibrary.exe\" >> wtlib.command
chmod 766 wtlib.command

Setting for making the shortcut workable. *

Select the shortcut "wtlib.command" on your desktop. Right click for menu, and click on "Get info"

Find "Open with", and select "Terminal" from the drop down menu.
thats all you need to do for start up setting.
You can start Watchtower Library by double clicking the Short cut.

Select Terminal
Select Terminal

Extra *

You can use iTerm instead of Terminal.